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Hi, I am helgaleena, primarily an Obi-Ani slasher. But the Hayden is such a beautiful man... this icon is his thumb, on the pommel of his Decameron sword.

here is his horoscope, minus time and location data, but still informative ---

The dominant aspect of his chart is a huge sun-moon opposition between Aries and Libra, softened by a sextile-trine to Uranus in Sagittarius, which gives him an outlet through service to his adoring public, namely us (sigh) Stats:

Sun- Aries, conjunct Mars (super fearless)

Moon: Libra, conjunct Pluto (super intensity), in opposition, as I said

Mercury: Aries

Venus: Taurus

Jupiter: Libra, conjunct Saturn (super serious and responsible)

Uranus: Scorpio

Neptune: Sagittarius, trine SunMars, sextile MoonPluto (can make dreams come true for others as well as self)

The combinations in this major aspect mean that his battle between his will and his emotions, even at a subconscious level, predominate in his whole existence. Also he has astounding levels of empathy and a strong sense of justice, meaning he he wants others to approve of him badly. He must guard against exhausting himself in the service of others, fx the mass Haydenover21 orgy.... But he knows what pleases us. He's goddam psychic about it.

Hayden is in exactly the right career, that of screen sex god. He may long for the ideal relationship, but his personality is so overwhelming that it may be a while before he meets his match. Meanwhile, does he have a lot to give.....,

If anyone is interested in more detail on individual aspects etc. go to my info page to contact me.

My slashes (there will be more someday) can be linked at

http://www.livejournal.com/users/hlglne helgaleena-slash

art is good for you--like vegetables
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