BEE (bamboleo) wrote in art_of_hayden,

:) couldn't help I had to do it again......

second entry ;)

oh man, I had some trouble with this one hahaha!!! I drew it while looking at a photo on the computer screen...... except when I went to scan it in, I noticed it was squished??? Then I discovered that I had the screen the whole portrait was kind of off........ so OUT CAME THE ERASER!!!!!!! Took about an hour to fix it again but I think it was worth it. enjoy :)

again, ©me....... 2005 and all that jazz. :)

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Deleted comment

thank you so much!!! :) :) I like this one better too....he has really unique features, especially his eyes, so it's taking me longer than usual to get it right...

either that, or just looking at him is terribly distracting ;) hehehe
Very good job... I think you nailed his mouth the most accurately. His eyes are difficult, I agree.
That's amazing