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a story

Now I know this is a community for "art" of hayden but I think of art as a broad spectrum and I belive stories are art

Now I know quite a few of you just dont like stories, BUT for the few of you that do I'd figure i'd give you a taste of what we have going on over at hayden_fiction

A sample of my story over there

"Here you guys go, do you need a few minutes to look over the menu?" I laid the glasses on the table, as I uttered the last word i felt a soft touch on my wrist barely giving me time to sit the Kendal Jackson down, he turned my wrist around. "Thats a beautiful tattoo." I didn't move my hand I couldn't, jerking it away probably could have been the stupidest thing I could have done. "Th..thank you." His thumb grazed over it so softly, chills ran off up my arms, though my body, into my gut, my knees wanted to crumble right in front of him, and I let out a small breath, my mouth slightly open. He smirked like he knew what he was doing to me, like this was a game.
Read the rest

Now I will be continuing the story for those who want to read more about these characters in this particular story, and we have other great stories listed on there

If this isnt allowed delete it and sorry dolls
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