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The challenge I posted last week is now open until


due to the fact that I only have one entry and I need some more, otherwise, it's not much of a challenge is it?

so guys come on, show us the best you can do

challenge details
Hayden Christensen Challenge # 1

THEME: Use your favourite Hayden Pics, I'm being broad because it's the first one, and I want to know what everyone's faves are.

WHAT HAPPENS: The list underneath consists of types of art being accepted for this challenge. It's broad, again, so I can see what you guys like doing. The number in brackets indicates the maximim number of each type which you can submit to this challenge.

MAKE: Wallpapers (1)
SIZE: 1024 x 768 or 1280x800 (widescreen)

MAKE: Blends (2)
SIZE: Any size, must consist of 2 or more pictures of Hayden. Must be smaller than wallpapers.

MAKE: Colourizations (2)
SIZE: Any size, usually only using one picture. Other effects, of course, can be used. Must be smaller than wallpapers.

MAKE: Icons (5)
SIZE: 100x100 > you know the score

MAKE: Forum signatures (2)
SIZE: Usually about 500-600 px wide, and about 100-150 px high

SUBMISSIONS:(until I find out how to do this properly)

-Upload to your own server
-Send an email with the URL LINKS (not the images) to
-Use the email title : ART OF HAYDEN: your username

and that's it.
You guys have until midnight (GMT) on FRIDAY 17th June. Have fun.
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